Artist Profile: Carolyn Letvin & Christina Beecher

Inherent Surroundings

Letvin Head Shot
Carolyn Letvin
letvin carolyn nterior #51 oil on wood panel, 12 x 12
Carolyn Letvin, Interior #51, oil on wood panel, 12 x 12 in.

Carolyn Letvin
Intimate Interiors

A realist painter, Carolyn Letvin’s subject matter comes from what she observes. She experiences life, with all its subtleties and intricacies, as a direct, perceptible experience. Carolyn finds interior spaces to be engaging and compelling, which is how She chose to paint them. The rooms she paints have a “lost in time” quality that is the essence of their allure to her. In the book, The Poetics of Space, French philosopher, Gaston Bachelard, analyzes domestic spaces and how they shape and hold our dreams and memories. “Houses and rooms; cellars and attics; drawers, chests, and wardrobes; nests and shells; nooks and corners: No space is too vast or too small to be filled by our thoughts and our reveries.” In each painting, Carolyn strives to make those spaces transport the viewer to another place, different from where they are in that moment of viewing.

Christina Beecher in her studio
beecher christina_Cobalt Mist_Oil on Panel_11X14
Christina Beecher, Cobalt Mist, oil on panel, 11X14 in.

Christina Beecher
On the Edge: The Abstracted Landscape

In her current work, Christina Beecher explores what she terms, “the very edge of the landscape,” in which the work diverges from realism to abstraction. In her abstract paintings, colors and shapes no longer conform to the natural world, but the horizon line remains rooted in reality. The presence of the horizon line allows her to remain “…just North of the abstract world.”

Carolyn Letvin & Christina BeecherInherent Surroundings : April 1-30 2020. Visit Galatea Fine Artat 460 Harrison Avenue, B#6, Boston, MA 02118, 616-542-1500. Gallery Hours Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm or by appointment.

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 the gallery is open by appointment only

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