ELIOT SCHOOL: Faculty Exhibition

eliot 1

Shaping The Grain

The Eliot School for Fine & Applied Arts is pleased to present the works of five esteemed artists from its staff and faculty:

Alison Croney Moses, Michael Gleason, Ken Lindgren, Dan Paret and Andrew Riiska

Their fascinating functional and sculptural forms from wood are elegant, funny, functional and artful.

Moses Croney Alison 4. Cedar Pod Salmon View 1 (2)

Alison Croney Moses, Cedar Pod Salmon View

Wood’s rich and earthy colors exhibit graceful grain. Its smooth and durable surfaces shelter us, bring us comfort and beauty. Wood carries a wide range of hues and textures, soft or rough, smooth or cracked surfaces. Its fine or wild rings reflect histories of droughts and floods. It breathes and expands. It turns its infestations into beautiful variations of color and form. Wood may be one of the oldest and most common art materials, central to human creativity and long used on every continent to create functional, ceremonial and decorative pieces.

Eliot School, Shaping The Grain: March 4-29, 2020. Visit Galatea Fine Art at 460 Harrison Ave., #B-6, Boston, MA 02118, 616-542-1500. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-5 pm and by appointment.

Please join us for an Artist Talk on Sunday March 15, 6-8 pm at Galatea Fine Art 

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