January’s Curator Platform: “Folding Time”


Robin MacDonald-Foley, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Beverly Rippel

FOLDING TIME presents works by three passionate artist/friends who stand in observation and reflection: on the edge of personal history with the Land, next to Nature’s grand aggregate formations, or by the sanctuary of the sea with its ever rhythmic tidal flow.

Through mixed media, echo printing, photography and painting, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Robin MacDonald-Foley and Beverly Rippel honor the Land as it has been worked and walked, cursed and loved, and shaped by wind, sun, water, and drought throughout geological time. Through abstracted and real images – of watermarks, written words, rocks, roots, shadows and leaves, they capture ‘what is now’ as well as what remains; what history and memory have folded into their visions within the parameters and the constancy of Time.

6Robin MacDonald -Foley_Rust Cycle_photo_18x18 (2)Robin MacDonald -Foley, Rust Cycle, Photo, 18×18 in.

Robin MacDonald-Foley “Observing form, color, and texture in our ever changing environment have greatly influenced my work, empowering me to further investigate a multitude of ideas, akin to my own life experiences. Photographing in nature is not only about what I see, but how I process those visions. In a given moment, I’m looking in, or through, as though I’m waiting for the unexpected. My sources of inspiration are islands and coastal regions, places I’ve known since childhood. Earth’s natural forms and changes in our climate reveal through my lens—cascades of color, shades of grey, a place, or object. These close and distal views of endless shapes, textures, and colors, frequently become rearranged “drawings” of weathered stone, and images of tree decay. where “bones” are what remains. Nature is my studio. It’s my way of recording time and being present in the moment.”  4Stephanie Roberts-Camello_Weather Dependent_encaustic 12x12 (2)

Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Weather Dependent, Encaustic, 12×12 in.

Stephanie Roberts-Camello: “My work evokes the past with the presence of old family letters written during the Great Depression and the dust bowl days of Texas.  I come from a long line of cowboys and farmers out west and their battles with drought, destructive storms and money struggles, and all are documented in many of these letters.
Although different in content, we all have times that are difficult in life and require endurance to persevere. The encaustic forms that wrap and fold throughout my paintings I use as metaphors to show a process of struggle that is captured as the wax cools.  They confront you and enter your space. I feel like they are life forms that have come through their own battle.”
5Beverly Rippel_Tidal Pool_oil (2)

Beverly Rippel, Tidal Pool, Oil on Linen, 11 X 14 in.

Beverly Rippel (Curator): “I often paint in Lanesville/ Cape Ann, Gloucester, MA in the same exact place by the sea where my sisters and brothers, children and grandchildren have come to visit, learn to swim in the granite ‘bathtub’, and enjoy the Beauty of the land throughout these past many years. The huge rock formations, the scratches and marks on them, and the shadows cast by the sun cascading on them are nearly the same as I remember when I first laid eyes on this sea sanctuary when I was just 5 years old. For the past 25 years, I have been lucky enough to set up my “Studio-by-the–Sea” right here and paint what I feel, see, and remember. The colors of the water, sky and rocks – the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets – are different each day, and yet remain forever present.  As a ritual, the neighbors from the lane venture down to the water’s edge each evening to watch the passing of one more day, and often applaud as the sun slips beneath the West facing horizon. It is exhilarating to paint -with my feet sometimes in the water- as I work just ahead of the incoming or outgoing tide. The wind, the mist, and the sun all get mixed up in the orchestration of the paint’s quickened movement. In turn, the paintings become love poems.”

FOLDING TIME: January 1-February 2, 2020. Visit Galatea Fine Art at 460 Harrison Ave, #B-6, Boston, MA 02118, 616-542-1500. Gallery hours: Wednesday–Sunday 12-5pm and by appointment.

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