MARKING A DECADE – Gallery Artists December Exhibit

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Written by Marjorie Kaye

Just over 10 years ago I went to SOWA to look at a good sized unbuilt space and put out an inquiry to the artists’ community to find out if creating a collective was something that would be mutually rewarding. Little did I know that in our future was a unity of ideas and energies that define Galatea Fine Art as it is today. We are grateful to all of the artists, art lovers, writers, collectors, and also GTI Properties for laying down the space and support that has created the thriving art area known as SOWA.  Marking a Decade celebrates 10 years of Galatea Fine Art and includes painting, sculpture, assemblage, drawing, mixed media and photography from our membership of over 50 artists.

lamothe yvonne_Winter Shadows_oil on panel_24X18

Yvonne Troxell Lamothe, Winter Shadows,  oil on panel,  24 x 18, 2019

Yvonne Troxell Lamothe’s Winter Shadows is a delightfully stylistic rendering of the light of the cold season.  One can feel the temperature, not at all unpleasant, in this painting.  Her hand is heavy and light at once, bold and sensitive.  Color is used very thoughtfully, shadows surprising in gray values with a tinge of blue.  One can walk through these woods and experience the quiet softness of a first snowfall.


Matthew Peake, Me, Myself and I, pastel, 22 x 32 in., 2019

Matt Peake’s Me, Myself and I  is a whimsical self-portrait in which he depicts three aspects of his persona.  Done in vibrant colors, the piece has the tongue and cheek quality that defines a “selfie” done with the intention of light-heartedness.  He portrays himself in what seems to be warm weather, with a stylistic graphic quality that plays with light and shadow. Within the vibrancy is a further pondering – the viewer must identify with it before it is revealed.

caruso joe_A Quiet Moment_charcoal with pastel on aluminum_23X18

Joe Caruso, A Quiet Moment, Charcoal with Pastel on Aluminum, 23 x 18 in., 2019

Joe Caruso uses stark contrast in his depiction of the shore in A Quiet Moment.  Black and white shadows move across the surface, revealing boulders covered with seaweed.  The artist works with extremes, from the blackest shadows to the brightest white highlights.  The drawing is lush and inviting, with a feeling of twilight bouncing on the water’s surface.

wilson demetrius_Public Enemy_acrylic, oil pastel and sharpie_20X16

Demetrius Wilson,  Public Enemy, Acrylic, Oil,  Pastel and Sharpie, 20 x 16 in., 2019

Demetrius Wilson utilizes recurring themes in his work, what he calls a “mind map”, processing his life and childhood experiences.  He is acutely aware, and his painting Public Enemy, is an ironic jolt into his storytelling. In this energetically charged painting, we are not sure who the protagonist is – all characters reflect a menacing visage.  The artist has created a reality in which tension is carried by each player in the drama, and power is revealed to be a function of both truth and apathy.

kaluhiokalani iwalani_Morning Warning_oil on canvas_24X20

 Iwalan Kaluhiokalani, Morning Warning, Oil on Canvas,  24 x 20 in., 2019

In Morning Warning by Iwalani Kaluhiokalani, human gesture is transformed into pure movement.  The dance becomes a Danse Macabre, in which repeating figures begin to get lost or misplaced in a miasma of pure energy.  One gets the feeling that there is a great magnetic gravitational pull downward into confusion.   Still, there are silhouettes suggesting the desire to escape into the light, and this brings the tension on the surface to bear upward concurrently.

These works are but a small sampling of the spectrum of work in this exhibition.  Marking a Decade is a universe within itself.

Christine Palanides, Play, Mixed Media, 11 x 10 x 1 in., 2019

Augusta Agustsson, Glacial Rivers, Fiber, 34 x 34 in., 2019

Marking a Decade, December 4-29, 2019.  Visit Galatea Fine Art at 460B Harrison Ave., #B-6, Boston, MA 02118, 617-542-1500.  Gallery hours Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm and by appointment.



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