Exhibit Profile: Fact is Fiction’s Inspiration

Mary Hurwitz 'Stop!' assemblage tiny

Mary Hurwitz, Stop!, assemblage

Curated By Jennifer Costello

Anne Harney ‘Bluebells and Pears’ tiny

Anne Harney, Bluebells and Pears

So what is fiction and what is fact? How do they interact with each other? Fact and fiction are harmonious puzzle pieces. A restless combo where ‘fact’ is behaving in mundane reality, e.g. eating, drinking, surviving, while fiction is inspired by facts—a dream, a craze to probe deep truths. These 2-D and 3-D works complement each other in an endless and closed cycle, just as water freezes, turns to liquid, and then evaporates in a perpetual continuum.

Exhibiting ArtistsMary Hurwitz, Cindy Journey, Anne Harney, Lully Schwartz, Lorrie Berry, Lisa Goren, Donna Caselden

Fact is Fiction's Inspiration

Fact Is Fiction’s Inspiration Exhibit at Galatea Fine Art

Please join us for an Artist Talk featuring exhibiting artists Frank Capezzera and Joanne Tarlin and curator Jenny Costello on Saturday, July 20 from 4:30pm-6:30pm at Galatea Fine Art, 460 Harrison Avenue, #B-6, Boston, MA 02118

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