Exhibit Profile: Light of Home

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Curated by Jane Paradise

Featured Image: Ellen Slotnick, Ekron Farm, photograph, detail, 2014; Rich Perry, Milking 2, photograph, detail, 2010; Gail Samuelson, Turquoise, photograph, detail, 2018

Exhibiting Artists: Ellen Toby Slotnick, Gail Samuelson, Rich Perry

Curator Jane Paradise has selected works from American photographers who focus on concepts of home. This exhibition is a visual compendium of different notions of home including boat building, abandoned family homes, and the capture of light in an existing everyday home. Our artists take time to observe everyday moments with a tenderness and intimacy that is universal to our ideas of home.

Ellen Toby Slotnick, currently based in Maine, went on multiple trips to North Dakota with photographer Tillman Crane hunting for isolated abandoned farmhouses. Slotnick focuses on the relationship of the natural world coexistent with the man made. A different way of life that was normal: milking cows, bundling newspapers together.

ellen slotnick - no school today - 25.5x21
Ellen Slotnick, No School Today, photograph, 25.5 x 21 in.

Gail Samuelson, from Orleans and Sherborn, MA, is represented by 555 Gallery in Boston. Gail creates self-portraits that capture her family’s heirlooms and the objects that created her family identity. She chooses to look back at a past way of life that included pearls, gilded combs and decorative veils. In this exhibit she captures the ephemeral pleasure of the light moving through her home as she also passes through.

crimson gail samuelson photography
Gail Samuelson, Crimson, photograph, 21 x 25 in.

Rich Perry, located in Westport, MA, captures working farms and boat building. Images allude to the hours of handwork put in these wooden monoliths. Clamps jut out, holding together a skeleton of beams. The craftsmen behind these wooden boats commit to a way of life that is less and less common. Farm photographs remind us of how life used to be.

rich perry - milking 2 - 28x21 copy

Rich Perry, Misty Morning, photograph

Home is what is and what was. For some it is where we are now, where we live, who we live with. For others it is also state of mind, it is friends, and family. It is places we are inspired by or things that give us comfort. For others it is times past. Nostalgia. Lost memories.

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Light of Home, January 2-27, 2019 at Galatea Fine Art, 460B Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA. www.galateafineart.com, (617) 542-1500; Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-5 pm and by appointment.

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