Artist Profile: Rose Leitner



Rose Leitner in her Wareham Street studio

Where contradictions merge purpose with intuition

By Gabrielle Peragine

Boston, MA. Rose Leitner’s studio is located on Wareham Street in the SOWA arts district, a neighborhood occupied by many Boston artists, and is just a stone’s throw away from Galatea Fine Art. As we enter the industrial-looking building, Rose greets us with a smile, and a steep set of stairs with a challenge. At the top of the stairs the familiar smell of oil paint and medium welcomes you to the place of creation of Leitner’s first solo show, Quiet Chaos.

Leitner guides you through her studio, moving from one painting to another with a contented touch across each canvas. We hear Leitner, a passionate painter from Red Bank, New Jersey, as she describes the motivations and inspirations for the abstract expressionist work created for this exhibit.


Colorful work lines the walls of Rose’s studio, awaiting installation at Galatea Fine Art

Some of Leitner’s paintings are inspired by natural objects that catch her eye, such as blue and purple irises. One such, Irises Thru A Window, painted with acrylic on PVC, 36 x 24 in., was inspired by an afternoon gazing out a window onto a view of the Public Garden in Boston.

Other works in the show, such as Mastering Serendipity, oil on PVC, 24 x 24 in., convey the emotionally charged psychological contradictions we would expect from the show’s title ̶ Quiet Chaos.

ED_Irises Through a Window

Rose Leitner, Irises Through a Window, acrylic on PVC, 24 X 36 in., 2018

Leitner’s positive and energetic personality shines through in her work as she determines a mood for each of the paintings. She builds the layers of her compositions with what appear to be floating bubbles, or activated circles, the shapes reminiscent of lyrically inventive writing. Patterns of swirling and uplifting colors in countless airy layers are married with gestural linework. The paintings have depth, a soul, a personality, and exude a sense of hopefulness.


Leitner works in a variety of media: painting on silk, metal, and PVC; photography, and video. All she has learned and experienced converges into her art practice. When talking about artists she has learned from and been inspired by, one lesson stands out in particular. Artist Bernd Haussmann told her “Every painting needs to have a purpose and a plan. Don’t just move color around.” And that is exactly what she does. Each mark, each painting, expresses her intention.

Quiet Chaos: September 5-30, 2018. Visit Galatea Fine Art at 460 Harrison Avenue, #B-6, Boston, MA 02118, 616-542-1500. Gallery hours Wednesday-Sunday 12-5pm and by appointment.

More about Rose’s Show QUIET CHAOS in ArtScope


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