Exhibit Profile: National Association of Women Artists – “Courting the Uncontrollable”

NAWA Massachusetts, inaugural shows in the Curator’s Platform at Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA, January & February 2018                 

ED_Kimberly Alemian AquashereKimberly Alemian,  Aquashere                                                          

Boston, MA.  “Courting the Uncontrollable Part I” (January 3 – 28, 2018) and “Part II” (February 1 – 15, 2018), presented by the National Association of Women Artists Massachusetts, are the inaugural shows in the Curator’s Platform at Galatea Fine Art. Artist Marsha Nouritza Odabashian juried the exhibitions, which include painting, collage, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The exhibit reflects the complexities and ambiguities we confront in today’s world. Jennifer Jean Costello, Co-Vice President and Exhibitions Chair of NAWAMA, conceived the theme.

Ronnie Gould Code RedRonnie Gould, Code Red

Courtship is a process, sometimes a formality, in which a couple gets to know one another with the hope of an eventual union. Laden with joy and serenity, but also punctuated by uncertainty, anxiety, and despair, courtship brings us face to face with the uncontrollable. Similarly artists confront the past, present, and future. From a personal perspective, they comment on nature, the sublime and the mundane, the human psyche, politics, art, and religion. They question, fear, obsess, avoid, hope, and resolve. The wide variety of ways in which artists address and express the complexity and ambiguity of the uncontrollable do indeed resemble, at least metaphorically, a courtship.

Part I features work by Joan Appel, Lorrie Berry, Michele Boll, Robin Colodzin, Jennifer Costello, Terry Del Percio, Susan Denniston, Ronnie Gould, Lisa Goren, Ingrid Johnson, Cindy Journey, Silvina Mizrahi, Christine Molitor Johnson, Judith Montminy, Irene Richard and Robin Thornhill.

Part II features work by Kim Alemian, Joan Appel, Dale Sherman Blodget, Anita Cohen, Nancy Colella, Rosalie Cuticchia, Cheryl Dyment Susan Gallagher, Linda Pearlman Karlesberg, Nella Lush, Mary Marley, Kat Masella, Maidy Morhous, Beverly Rippel, and Jess Hurley Scott.

MarshaJuror Marsha Nouritza Odabashian

“When NOWAMA President Kim Alemian invited me to jury this exhibition, I eagerly accepted since the theme is similar to what I explore in my own work. The works range from simply musing or dreamlike, to playfulness and obsessing. The uncontrollability of the external world of politics to the imagined natural forces of the psychological and internal plays on human relationships.”

Marsha Nouritza Odabashian




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